Rivals or colleagues? Create a good work environment

Rivals or colleagues? Create a good work environment

Rivals or colleagues? Create a good work environment

In any company, you will have colleagues to work with which is necessary so the company works, have good results and you can keep your position. It’s important to know that they are your colleagues, not rivals. There isn’t a competition, even if the company is having troubles and rumours say that there will be dismissals. To work altogether, learning from each other, is the only way to make that the company keeps working, beats its problems and improves its future.

When someone new joins the company, we have two options: help to integrate, showing him how to do the job and learn from the new ideas and methods he can contribute; or try to sabotage him, afraid that he may be a threat for us. The first way you help the company to improve, while in the second one you are damaging a colleague and, although you think you are securing your position, at the end you are risking it.

Imagine that a woman enters into the company, “the new one”, at the management department which has started an internationalization process. Despite the main reason is that the worker who was already at the company, the “veteran”, doesn’t know languages and “the new one” does, there will be an increase of the work to do, which a single person can’t do alone.

If the “veteran” is an insecure person and with no empathy ability, afraid of losing his job before someone new and more capable, he will try to sabotage his new partner. He will use the knowledge he has of the company to make the work more difficult to his new colleague, giving her more work and trying to preserve the relationship he has with their superiors. He would only give a few instructions over the work to his new colleague, and will give her little help. That way, he assures to be essential and that his new colleague has greater problems to incorporate and to produce adequately, with negative consequences for the company.

On the other hand, an empathetic person would face this new incorporation as a way to enrich both the company and himself as a professional. Thanks to his ability to empathize, he would know that it is necessary to teach her the first days how does the company work, so he would bring her along with him to meetings with colleagues and superiors. He will encouraged “the new one” to ask any doubt that she may have, and not worry for doing mistakes at the beginning, something usual when someone starts to work in a new company. Thus, thanks to the good relationship between them, it would be possible to make a good division of the work, helping to an optimal business progress.

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