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3 ways to persuade positively

Both in our personal and professional life we are facing situations where we want that someone does something but it’s hard for him to take the decision to do it. When this happens, we try to convince him to do it. For that, we can use positive persuasion methods (showing the benefits that change means …


Rivals or colleagues? Create a good work environment

In any company, you will have colleagues to work with which is necessary so the company works, have good results and you can keep your position. It’s important to know that they are your colleagues, not rivals. There isn’t a competition, even if the company is having troubles and rumours say that there will be …


How to persuade in a conversation?

It is very likely that, once in your life, you have been involved in a discussion in which you are sure to be right and think that all the others are wrong. The strength of your arguments is so obvious for you that you think: “How is it possible that they realize that I’m right?” …


Create empathy through non-verbal language

Usually, we don’t need to talk to transmit a message. Our gestures, looks or attitudes transmit by themselves information that the others can decode. For instance, it’s really easy for anyone to know if someone is having a bad day at work. It isn’t necessary that this person says a word, but through the knowledge …

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