Optimism Course

By the end of the learning process, students will be able to

  • Know the influence of their own and others’ emotions in the art of relating within the company
  • Optimism and eternal rivals: defeatism, discouragement and hopelessness. Emotional impact on the company, consequences, and more effective alternatives

Who should take this course?

  • People looking to transform failure into opportunities
  • People with responsibilities looking to take command of the situation
  • People who are not willing to compare themselves to others
  • Customer Service Departments
  • Managers, team leaders, and workers

Who should not take this course?

  • People who do not want to take control of what happens in their lives
  • People who see failure on every attempt instead of improving opportunities
  • People who call themselves ‘realistic’ and only focus on negative aspects
  • People who do not want to see how capable they can be and who do not want to realize their true potential
  • Implementation of firewalls to the most common fires: complaints and rumors spread. Focus on transparency and confidence during interaction

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