Initiative Course

After completing the course, students will

  • Stay a step ahead of events
  • Stay proactive
  • Take advantage of opportunities and make things happen
  • Develop, apply and practice taking the initiative
  • Turn taking the initiative into a habit
  • Be more appreciated at work
  • Take better advantage of opportunities

Who should take this course

  • Sales department, to improve the chances for initiative with a client
  • Customer Service Department, to foment conflict resolution
  • Internal departments, to raise productivity and improve processes
  • Workers, increase creativity in the business environment
  • Managing Directors, Middle management, and workers

Who should NOT take this course

  • Those who think we should not adapt to changes
  • Those who think that boss always have to give us the solution
  • Those who always complain but not propose changes
  • Those who think that leadership is only for a few people

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