Adaptability Course

By the end of the learning process, students will be able to

  • Leave the comfort zone
  • Control stress produced by change
  • Overcome the resistances that produces change
  • Differentiate between the important and the unimportant
  • Be open to new professional challenges
  • Become easily adaptable to complex environments

Who should take this course?

  • Innovation departments
  • Professionals in changing environments
  • People with high level of stress and pressure at work
  • Departments that work in term of goals
  • Managers, team leaders, and workers

Who should not take this course?

  • Anyone who thinks that they should not change and does not believe in adaptation
  • Anyone who thinks they cannot give the best of themself
  • Anyone who thinks others are the ones who must adapt to them
  • Anyone who thinks that the routine is the least of the risks

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