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Digital Pills is an innovative company on mobile learning. We offer a new way to learn and being educated, wherever you are, at your own rhythm, with daily reports so that you can modify your behaviour.

The ultimate goal is for you to change your way of thinking, acting and behaving. That way you will see permanent and concrete improvements.

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About Digital Learning Pills

Emotional intelligence in companies

An Idea

We want education to be accessible for everyone. We want to reach people in the most direct, comfortable and effective way possible. We want to be better.


So it’s always at your fingertips. So you can learn wherever you are. Because your time is short, and we know it.

Constant Education

Because learning isn’t over in a day. Nor in a weekend. We propose you to work on your new skills on a daily basis, over a period of one, two or three months. Because stone by stone, cathedrals are built.

Origina Method

We are not going to teach techniques, or processes. We want you to improve your behaviour. So, whatever you get up on a daily basis, you can continually put what you learn into practice.

Soft Skills



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