3 ways to persuade positively

3 ways to persuade positively

3 ways to persuade positively

Both in our personal and professional life we are facing situations where we want that someone does something but it’s hard for him to take the decision to do it. When this happens, we try to convince him to do it. For that, we can use positive persuasion methods (showing the benefits that change means and helping to do them) and negatives (threatening or calling a superior). Although we can get our goal using both, if we use the seconds we may have to face problems in the future, while if we use positive methods we will get a trustful relationship with people.

We can use the example of Martin, an investigation manager in a technological company. In the last months he has had some problems with the sales of a certain product, and Martin believes that it’s due to the person who has to present it to the customers, Edward. So, he tries to convince the commercial manager of the company, Martha, to change Edward for a more competitive person. To convince Martha and keep a good relationship with Edward, Martin can use three different methods:

To accept mutual benefit

It’s the easiest method that a person can use to persuade another. Through it, you show the other person that he also will have a benefit if he agrees to our request. That way it’s less difficult to agree doing what we want, since it’s not only for us, but also for them.

In Martin’s situation, he has to show Martha that it’s not only the need to improve the sales of the new product, something that he needs to justify the investment made on it. It cares also to Martha, whom, as commercial manager, cares that its sales increase; that way she will be able to stand out her success to her superiors. It is also possible that Martha isn’t happy about Edward’s work, and thanks to Martin she can get rid of him.

Costs compensation

Sometimes, when you try to convince someone to do something, the other person offers some resistance because it has a cost for him. To beat that resistance, you must help him to cover that cost or to beat the difficult that it creates.

By changing Edward, Martha needs to fill the vacancy. However, a selection process can be long and difficult, and she can’t allow having this position empty for a long time. To convince her, Martin can introduce her to a substitute, a valid person to fill the gap left by Edward. That way, the cost of agree to his petition would be covered.

Equivalent payment

Maybe the most traditional way to persuade someone is to offer something in exchange, at the same level asked. That way, everyone gets something he wants. If there is trust, this payment doesn’t have to be immediate, it can be postpone for a time.

In Martin’s situation, he could offer Martha help for future promotions, to support her in her ideas before their superiors or to pay more attention to the commercial staff when he and his team develop new products.

Thanks to these methods it will be easier to persuade other people, and also we will strengthen our relationships.

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